About Us

When service matters most, you can count on us!

Our Story

Back in 2003, Andrea and Matt Rodgers started a healthcare staffing company in the Pacific Northwest. One of the greatest recruitment challenges that they faced every day was the slow return of background checks and the poor level of service that they encountered regardless of what screening company they tried.

The smaller screening companies were more service oriented, but lacked the technology and compliance focus that Matt and Andrea required. The big companies in the screening industry had the technology and understood compliance, but had little interest in serving a client that was only onboarding a couple hundred clinicians a year.

Matt was voicing his frustration about waiting for background checks to Andrea one day when she came up with an idea. “Why don’t we start our own background screening company? There must be a number of frustrated human resource managers and recruiters out there who could benefit from a company that provides highly personalized service and state of the art technology”.  Matt agreed, and went to work bringing Andrea’s vision to life.


By early 2009 Andrea and Matt founded iprospectcheck. Working as a team, they created a company designed to provide the perfect combination of:

  • Excellent technology
  • An awesome 100% US based service team
  • Compliance competency
  • Data security
  • Service as the heart of the company’s culture

iprospectcheck found success quickly, and has grown rapidly every year since its founding.

Today iprospectcheck has clients all across the United States and in nearly every industry.

Our Mission

We empower employers with the tools, information and technology needed to improve decision making, enhance legal compliance, reduce liability and create safe and secure workplaces. We act “Client First” at all times and SERVICE is the heart of our culture.

What Makes
us a Better partner?

We Live, Train and Breathe Our 10 Pillars of Service.


We respond immediately to client requests. Urgency matters.


We display a positive attitude, are approachable and polite.


We make your day better.


We seek to understand the problem before solving it.


We are technically skilled. We are experts.


We ensure data security.


We serve candidates transparently.


We embrace the technology that best serves our clients.


We collaborate. Working together makes us better.


We retain leading legal talent to guide your compliance efforts.

Leadership Team

Driven by her vision, leadership, and hard work, Andrea has guided iprospectcheck to become the preferred background screening company for clients who demand unparalleled service along with top quality background screening programs. Bringing the skills and experience earned in a highly successful corporate career with Oroweat, S.E. Rykoff, and the Coca Cola Company, she understands what it takes to create success at all levels. Andrea’s passion is to guide her company by creating and nurturing a culture that is focused intensely on delivering her, “Service First” philosophy. She and her hand-picked team deliver industry leading results every day while creating clients for life.

Matt is an entrepreneurial force who applies his creative energy to building a company that simply serves clients far better than his competitors. Matt came from a highly successful career that spanned 17 years in the staffing industry before starting iprospectcheck. Former CEO of a highly successful healthcare staffing agency and former Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of a billion-dollar NYSE publicly traded company, building a great company with great people is simply what Matt does best. Focusing on legal compliance, data security, API integrations, key relationships, product development, and the development of his team, Matt is a highly valued and sought-after consultant who is always willing to help clients succeed.

Taylor has been an important part of the iprospectcheck  team since 2011. As Chief Operating Officer Taylor supports and motivates a well trained and talented team of directors who focus on delighting our clients each day. Responsible for the daily operations of the company and for keeping a steady focus on achieving the short and long term goals of the executive team, she is a role model of the service driven culture of the company. 

Francisco joined the iprospectcheck service team in late 2018. Francisco leads the sales, marketing, and strategic business development function for iprospectcheck. He brings the same energy, intelligence, and enthusiasm that he brought to the US Marine Corps for sixteen years before coming on board with iprospectcheck. Semper Fi! He has a gift for connecting with people. He is a trusted advisor whose positive approach to problem solving for clients is priceless.

Shelly Lang joined iprospectcheck in 2011. Shelly works hard every day taking incredible care of clients across the country. Clients love Shelly. She is a trusted advisor with vast industry experience and knowledge. As a part of her role in client services, Shelly works hand in hand with clinical services, verifications, and criminal records divisions to help clients get exactly what they need quickly and accurately. She takes special pleasure in working directly with candidates to assure that their onboarding experience is a positive representation of each employer. Shelly is the master of our online HR platform, and loves training clients to get the very best of our platform, systems, and processes. Multi-talented and extremely capable, she is a very determined and dedicated member of the iprospectcheck service team.

Zoe joined the team mid-2017 and took on the responsibility of managing the network of thousands of clinics that perform occupational health services for our clients across the United States. Simultaneously working her way toward a degree in accounting, she soon found herself becoming more and more responsible for ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of our core financial reporting processes. In early 2021, she transitioned out of her role in clinical services and into the accounting driven position of Controller.

In the Press

As part of the series about the five things a business should do to create a Wow! customer experience, I had the pleasure of interviewing Matthew Rodgers.

In a new survey of 3,220 people from iprospectcheck, a provider of employment background checks, nearly one in five Texas drivers wrongly believe DUI is a civil offense.

When a company is looking to grow, the choice of who to hire can sometimes be an almost existential question. The right hire can dramatically grow a company.