Past Employment, Education, and Licensure Verifications

Employment Verifications

This is one of the most time-consuming and frustrating aspects of the hiring process. 

From CCC Verify to the Work Number, we know who uses what and when. We also have a proprietary database comprised of thousands of smaller employers. Nobody can verify a candidate’s employment history faster or more affordably than iprospectcheck. Our in-house verification team manages all of our verifications. We do not outsource.

We don’t stop working until it is verified or we have no further path to pursue the verification.    

This means better results faster for you!

Education Verification

We will verify attendance dates, majors, degrees and diplomas for high schools, colleges, and universities in the US and internationally. We are partnered with the National Student Clearing House.

We also reach out to thousands of schools and universities directly when appropriate. We complete all of our education verifications in-house.

Our team is deeply knowledgeable and experienced at completing these tasks until verified or we reach an impasse.

Professional License Verifications

We verify the available history of any domestic professional license; including issue date, expiration date, credential title and status.

Know Before You Hire