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Hire the right healthcare professionals with iprospectcheck’s accurate and competitively-priced employment background checks.

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According to a survey, 63% of healthcare applicants lie on their resume, misrepresenting their experience and work history to get a job. 

Therefore, it is imperative to conduct background checks on healthcare employees prior to hiring them to ensure they are who they say they are and do not have any criminal history or falsely stated employment history.

Protect your organization, patients, and staff with iprospectcheck’s in-depth background screening services for the healthcare industry. We provide thorough background checks for nurses, physicians, CNAs, medical assistants, administrative staff, medical students, and more.

Why Partner with iprospectcheck?

We help you navigate complex healthcare industry background check requirements and regulations.

The healthcare industry is highly competitive and regulated, which is why we help you stay compliant during the entire background check process with simple and convenient screening solutions.

We are based entirely in the United States.

We pride ourselves on not offshoring our services. While other background screening providers look to cut costs with offshoring, we do not believe in taking risks when it comes to your personal data. Keeping the healthcare background screening process safe and secure for you is of the highest importance to us.

We provide high-quality, client-based service.

Our exceptional customer service ensures your needs are met in a timely and professional manner. We are fast, accurate, and provide a friendly experience every step of the way.

We simplify background screening for you.
Let us show you how.

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Gain a Complete Picture of Your Healthcare Applicant

When it comes to the healthcare industry, hiring unqualified candidates could lead to improper care being administered that jeopardizes the health and safety of your patients.

We help you gain a complete picture of your candidate before you hire them by conducting education, employment, and licensure verifications. We also deliver criminal background checks, sex offender searches, and more.

Get the Most for Your Time and Money

Our fast, accurate, and cost-effective healthcare background checks are FCRA- compliant and follow all industry guidelines throughout the entire healthcare background screening process.

We work quickly and efficiently to save you money.

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Choose from Custom Solutions that Work for You

Our healthcare background screening packages are customizable to ensure your specific needs are met, regardless of the type of healthcare position you are filling.

Keep your background screening practices consistent for all candidates and start utilizing iprospectcheck’s customizable pre-employment screening solutions today.

Recommended Healthcare Background Check Packages

Physician Package
Nurse Package
CNA/Allied Health Services Package
Identity Verification
County Criminal Records Search
National Sex Offender Registry Search
National Criminal Records Database Search
License Verification
Past Employment Verification
Education Verification
SAM Check
OIG Check

Lab-Based Drug Screen