Clinical Services

Nationwide Drug Testing and Health Screening Services. DOT Experts. Integrated Pre-employment, Employment Related, and Post-Accident Clinical Services.

Full Coordination

Our clinical coordination services team improves the candidate onboarding experience dramatically. Eliminate your administrative workload and clinical management challenges.

Our team will get it done for you working hand in hand with the clinics and your candidates every step of the way. We have built a network for your specific needs anywhere and everywhere in the United States. Our full-service solution is invaluable!

Manage Your Entire Program in our HR Portal

You can track and manage the results of your background screening, drug testing and clinical services from inside a simple, intuitive user portal making the management of the processes simple and smooth for both you and your candidates.

On-Site Drug Screening Administration

In addition to our extensive lab-based network, we also offer several products that can be administered onsite. Onsite self-administration can keep your costs down and speed your hiring efforts. Whether you use lab-based or on-premises products we can customize a program to your specific needs and specifications.

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