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Rigorous Resumes

The average job seeker admits their resume is only 72% accurate, survey finds., a background check and screening solution company, surveyed 3,351 anonymous job seekers, asking how accurate their resume is. The average candidate admitted that their resume is only 72% accurate, meaning the other 28% of information is embellished, made up or inaccurate in terms of their skills or qualifications. Take a look at the data below, broken down across states. 

Know Before You Hire

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Matthew J. Rodgers

Matthew J. Rodgers is a highly accomplished business executive with over 30 years of experience providing strategic vision and leadership to companies ranging from the fortune 500 to iprospectcheck, a company which he co-founded over a decade ago. Matthew is a valued consultant who is dedicated to helping companies create and implement efficient, cost effective and compliant employment screening programs. Matt has been a member of the Professional Background Screeners Association since 2009 . When not focused on iprospectcheck, he can be found spending time with his family, fly fishing, or occasionally running the wild rivers of the American west. A lifetime member of American Whitewater, Matt is passionate about protecting and restoring America’s whitewater rivers.