Advanced Technology

Swift Hire, Customized Integrations, I9/E-verify. 

SwiftHire Mobile

SwiftHire is a background screening tool that allows your applicants to initiate the screening process by submitting their own information online. You will save time and improve efficiency by having the applicant enter their personal data directly into your ordering system.

ATS Integration

Integration is a big productivity enhancement for your Human Resources Team. It allows for less keying of data, leaving more time for mission-critical tasks.


We can integrate with a long list of HRIS systems, including:

Electronic I9 / E-Verify

A designated agent of the E-Verify Program

Electronic I9

Integrated with your background checks and drug screens, the Electronic I9 form can be completed and stored completely online. Are you prepared for an audit today? Imagine a world where your I9’s are digitally stored, error-free and ready for inspection. Our system can help make that a reality for you. Don’t fear audits and fines. Be prepared with our integrated digital I9 and E-Verify solutions.


Our technology will allow you to process your electronic I9 form through the E-Verify system automatically. Let us help you implement a simple, integrated E-Verify program.

Know Before You Hire