Employment and Education

If recent history is any indicator, verifying the past employment and education credentials of qualified applicants will only become more complex and challenging in the future. Our team located in Folsom, California (All 100% US based) experts know how to verify even the most challenging information while maintaining the security of personal private information at all times.

We will manage the challenge of contacting past employers and utilizing third party verifiers to help insure that past employment verifications and credentials are a true reflection of the actual history of your candidate.

IRS Income Verification Express Service (IVES) Direct Partner

We utilize our direct partnership with the Internal Revenue Service to help our company verify past employment when a company is unable to access records due to poor record keeping, business failure, or many other reasons.

This unique partnership allows us to provide a more complete and accurate picture when you are ready to consider a candidate for employment.

Identity Verification

It is important that you know exactly who you are screening for many reasons. We utilize several approaches to help you be certain that the person you are screening is who they present themselves to be. Accuracy is essential to our processes, and we are very good at providing accurate, up to date results.

License Verification

We can verify the status and history or professional licences across all industries.