The Top 3 Questions Property Managers Need to Ask NOW

Posted on: October 25, 2016


What 3 questions do you need to ask yourself right now?

1. Is it time to review your tenant screening program for compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act?

  • Know the  FCRA. A good screening company can help you with this.

2. Does your screening partner know the law?

3. Are you prepared for the potential class action lawsuits that may emerge as a result of non-compliance?

  • Employers were slow to adapt and paid millions of dollars to class action plaintiffs and lawyers who know the pitfalls and utilize them to their benefit.
  • There are professional plaintiffs out there that know the law and are actively seeking violators.


Be proactive. Work with professionals to insure your compliance. The FCRA isn’t just for employers anymore!



Here are links to the materials provided by the FTC:

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