2015 Top 5 Trends for Background Checks

Posted on: January 22, 2015

Welcome 2015! Last year was a progressive year for compliant employment background checks. With all the technological advancements and different compliance and regulatory issues that stirred up 2014, we will attempt to break down the Top 5 trends for Compliant Background Checks, and how it will affect employment screening service clients in general for this year:

Compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The last leg of 2014 ended with an extended stream of negative news for a long list of employers who were hit with action lawsuits for sometimes seemingly insignificant violations of the FCRA.

In step with an article we previously published on our blog, compliant Consent and Authorization forms are a critical first step in completing a compliant employment background check. Consent and Authorization forms used for pre-employment or continued employment background screening may ONLY consist of a statement of intention to procure a background check, and an authorization section for the applicant/employee to authorize this procedure.

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The best and most effective approach to avoiding a costly lawsuit remains consulting competent, experienced legal counsel on each aspect of FCRA Compliance before implementing employment screening checks.

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Ban the Box Legislation. We have seen some tremendous adaptation among legislators with “banning the box”. Since 2013, more than 52 U.S. municipalities and 10 states had placed legislation on “banning the box”. Ban the Box laws are laws that prohibit employers from asking about criminal history on job applications. There are usually exceptions for certain professions like law enforcement or people who work with young children. There are sometimes also exceptions for certain crimes. Finally, in some places, employers are allowed to ask about criminal history later in the hiring process.

HR Practices and Interview Guidelines. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), along with the FTC has released a guide for employers on background checks and hiring. Ever since its release back on 2012, it has affected the hiring process of many U.S. employers. The guide explains how the EEOC expects employers to use criminal records.

Compliant Screening Experts replace Do it Yourself Online Services. In line with their guidelines, the EEOC is concerned with the accuracy of the records used in background check. However, just one inaccuracy can cost someone a job and lead to litigation. Cheap, quick do-it-yourself employment screening services may not verify information gathered through database screening.

A quality background screening company will always verify any information discovered in a criminal records database directly with the reporting jurisdiction before reporting results to a client. iprospectcheck.com is a member Concerned CRAs, the NAPBS, and keeps FCRA Certified Experts on staff, while working tirelessly with top legal counsel to insure the compliance of their clients, making iprospectcheck.com the ideal employment background check company.

Applicant Tracking System Integration. Productivity related to the ordering and managing of background checks are greatly improved when your ATS is directly integrated with your background check provider’s software platform. In 2014, approximately 60% of global employers utilized some form of applicant tracking system. Being capable of integrating quickly and seamlessly with most applicant tracking systems is another way that iprospectcheck.com helps our clients to achieve success.

E-Verify Grows in Popularity. As a Designated Agent of the E-Verify program, our integrated technology can process your employees through the E-Verify system for you as well. We are highly trained and skilled E-Verify agents who have undergone countless hours of training to allow us to support your E-Verify success at every turn. We see E-Verify growing rapidly as we look toward emerging trends in employment screening.

At iprospectcheck.com we welcome 2015 with excitement. We are quick to recognize relevant trends and implement the compliant products and programs that support the success of our clients.

If you have a background screening challenge we are always available to provide our expertise. Feel free to contact  iprospectcheck.com today!



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